PS Tray Factory. FAQ


1. How do I get PS Tray Factory?
Download the program from the download page, and install it in your computer.

2. I downloaded PS Tray Factory. How do I register my copy?
You must first purchase a registration key. Visit the registration page or follow the link. Several payment options are available and many currencies are supported. More information on security and payment process details you can find at the Share It! official site. You'll get personal key as soon as the payment procedure is completed. Use it to register PS Tray Factory.

3. Why do I need to register PS Tray Factory?
You have 30 days to evaluate all the features of PS Tray Factory. After this period you must register your copy to continue using PS Tray Factory.

4. If I lose my registration key information what should I do?

5. Is PS Tray Factory available in CDROM form?
Yes. You may purchase the CDROM version by contacting Share It!. If you purchase a CDROM you must also purchase a registration key.

6. Can I purchase multiple licenses of PS Tray Factory?
Yes. For more infirmation please visit the registration page or contact

7. If I already have a registered copy of PS Tray Factory will I be required to pay for a upgrade?
By purchasing PS Tray Factory you are entitled to receive free upgrades by download from our website for one year from the date of purchase. After that you can receive upgrades with a significant discount.


1. I have installed PS Tray Factory, but after reboot of the computer the program is not started automatically.
If you use Win NT/2000/XP you need to have the permissions to write to the system registry (HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\RunOnce). Ask your system administrator to give you such permissions, (or log on as Administrator).

2. I have hidden PS Tray Factory icon from system tray and now I cannot access the main window of the program.
You can open the main window or the tray menu by using keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+Alt+H and Ctrl+Alt+I. You also can redefine these keyboard shortcuts at your discretion.

3. I closed PS Tray Factory and started it again, but the icon list is empty.
In order for PS Tray Factory to gain access to icons it *must* be loaded at Windows startup.You will need to restart your computer, or, if you working in Windows Nt/2000/XP, log off and log on again.

4. What is "Safe mode" for?
There are some cases when conflicts appear between PS Tray Factory and another application. In situations like this you can try to put PS Tray Factory in a "safe mode". When in "safe mode" PS Tray Factory uses different, safer, but less flexible method of handling icons. Don't forget to restart your computer after switching to "safe mode".

5. I have marked an icon as old (using "Mark as "Old" in Tray Icon list context menu), but it's still visible in the tray menu.
In order for icons, marked as "old" to be hidden, you must select "Hide seldom used icons" checkbox on "Options-General" tab.

6. Is it possible to save tray icon settings for all users (not just for the current user)?
Yes. You will need to select "Save for All" checkbox on "Options-General" tab.

7. I have program which icon I always want to see in the tray menu, but it disappears from the menu after some time.
For an icon to be always visible in a tray menu you need to select "Always show in menu" in that icon context menu, or select it and press Ctrl+M.

8. I want to know a name of the program an icon belongs to. What should I do?
Yes, of course. You need to select "Show name of the executable" checkbox on "Options-General" tab. In "Tray Icon List" you will see a name of the program that added its icon to a system tray.

9. Can I rearrange the icons in the PS Tray Factory tray menu?
Yes, certainly. You can do it two ways: with your mouse – by simply dragging an icon in a "Tray Icon list", or with your keyboard – select an icon and press Ctrl+Up or Ctrl+Down.

10. I want to be able to turn on protection when I leave for a short time, but I have to open configuration window and select "Enable protection" check box each time. Is there an easier way to do it?
Yes. You can define shortcut to toggle protection on and off. By default it is Ctrl+Alt+P. You can change this combination on "Options-Additional" tab in group "Security".

11. I really like to work using keyboard. Can I operate PS Tray Factory using keyboard shortcuts?
Yes, certainly. There are keyboard shortcuts for every operation in PS Tray Factory.

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