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Now you can password protect the program's main window and tray menu.

The Enable Protection checkbox toggles protection on and off. You can also enable protection using the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+P by default). For example, if you need to go somewhere you can press the hotkey combination and the protection will be enabled, and, when you return, press it again, enter the password and the protection will be off.

If the Protect Tray Menu checkbox is selected then the tray menu will be also protected.

You can change the password by clicking the Change password... button. Enter the password information in the Set Password dialog box.


Attention, password is case-sensitive!

Application Minimizer.

Now you can minimize any application to the system tray.

If the Application Minimizer check box is selected then you can minimize any application to system tray by right clicking application's window minimize button.

You can also minimize and restore minimized applications using keyboard shortcuts specified in theMinimize to Tray and Restore from Tray input fields (Ctrl+Alt+M and Ctrl+Alt+R by default).

Tray Icons Sorter.

Now you can rearrange (sort) icons in the system tray.

When the Autosort check box is checked icons will be automatically sorted whenever an icon is added to the system tray. You can find out more about changing the order of icons in the Tray Icons Management section.

The sorting direction (left to right or right to left) depends on the state of the Revert Tray checkbox.

You can also sort tray icons manually using the keyboard shortcut specified in the Sort tray icons input field (Ctrl+Alt+S by default).


If you are using Windows 2000/XP or higher, you can control the transparency of the taskbar and the main program window using Taskbar Transparency and Main Window Transparency" track bars.

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