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You can select the language of interface in the drop-down list Language.
Visit http://www.pssoftlab.com and check if there a translation available in your language. If it's not, you can make it yourself and send it to us in exchange for a registration key.

The button stayontop1.gif will allow you to switch Stay on Top mode on stayontop2.gif or off stayontop1.gif .

The Hide Tray Icon checkbox will allow you to hide or show the PS Tray Factory tray icon. Please note that when the PS Tray Factory tray icon is hidden the only way to access to the tray menu is by using Show Tray Menu keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+I by default).

By default, when you right click the PS Tray Factory icon in the system tray the tray menu is called, and when you double-click it then the main window is opened. By selecting Swap Mouse Buttons checkbox you can perform same operations by left clicking and right double-clicking accrodingly.

The Load at Startup checkbox controls whether program is started with Windows or not.

The Safe Mode checkbox allow you to run PS Tray Factory in the safe mode. There are some cases when conflicts appear between PS Tray Factory and another application. In situations like this you can try to put PS Tray Factory in the 'safe mode'. In the 'safe mode' PS Tray Factory uses different, safer, but less flexible method of handling icons. Don't forget to restart your computer after switching to 'safe mode'.

The Save for All checkbox allow you to save settings for all users (not just for the current user).

The Hide Start button checkbox allow you to hide the Start button.

Tray Icon List.

Inactive Interval controls how many milliseconds the icon must be inactive in order to be hidden from the menu. (Applies only to icons marked as Hide If Inactive clip0012.gif).

The keyboard shortcut specified in the Show Main Window infput field will toggle display of the main program window (Ctrl+Alt+H by default).

The keyboard shortcut specified in the Show Tray Menu input field will bring up the pop-up menu, containing hidden icons (Ctrl+Alt+I by default).

If the Add New Icons to Top checkbox is selected then new icons will be added to the top of the list, otherwise to the bottom.

If the checkbox Revert Icons Menu is selected then the order of icons in the tray menu will be reverted.

The checkbox Show Name of Executable controls whether or not to show name of the executable in the list of icons and in the tray menu.

The checkbox Hide Seldom Used Icons allows you to hide icons that were not used for a time, specified in the Hide If Not Used (Days) input field.

The Order Now! button will open the online order page, where you can purchase PS Tray Factory (see section How to register).

The Enter key... button displays the dialog box in which you can enter the registration key (see section How to register).

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