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   PS Tray Factory is a powerful and handy tool meant to flexibly control ALL the other icons in the system tray of the taskbar. PS Tray Factory will help you to manage all the applications that place their icons in the taskbar tray. When you install PS Tray Factory, you will forget about the problem of lack of space in the system tray, and will also get an easy, fast and handy tool to handle those applications. In short, ALL Windows users will get this handy and powerful tool at their disposal, whereas only Windows XP users have an idea of it. For the latter, we have made a nice surprise, as the features of PS Tray Factory exceed the standard built-in ones of this OS.

   PS Tray Factory main features:
  • hide icons from the system tray,
  • sorting icons in the system tray,
  • quick access to hidden icons using a special menu,
  • password protection of hidden icons,
  • minimizing any application to the system tray,
and many other features.


   You can find out more about PS Tray Factory if you visit its web page at http://www.pssoftlab.com

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