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   At this step we will fill the groups that we have just created with shortcuts to folders.

   Let us consider the simplest and the quickest Drag&Drop way of creating commands. To facilitate the process, we can make the main window of the program stay always 'on top' by clicking the mode toggle in the toolbar (see Fig. 1).


   Next, simply open Windows Explorer and drag your folders to the window of PS Hot Folders using the mouse. You can also use hot keys <Ctrl+L> or the Add Folder button to add folders. btnaddfile.gif.

   You do not have to place the folders directly into groups, you can do it later by simple drag&drop.

   We recommend that you not group the folders that you are going to use most often. It will let you find and open them in the menu more quickly.

   After placing our folders into groups we can improve the visual perception of the folders using separators.

   Separators are added in the following manner:
- call the drop-down menu for adding elements by clicking the arrow in the right part of the button,
- choose the Add Separator menu item (you can also do the same by pressing the hot key <Ctrl+S>.

   Now we can consider the results of our work:


   Our menu has been formed and is (hopefully) handy to get around. Now we can test it by left-clicking the icon of PS Hot Folders in the system tray.

   The menu is a very good thing. But we also wish to open folders even quicker. To do it, we will assign hot keys to groups and folders at the next step.

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