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   Hot keys are meant to speed up the operations that are executed. They can be assigned to groups and elements that constitute them.

   Note.We recommend that you check the Show Hot keys option in the Options dialog before assigning hot keys. It will help you to avoid potential conflicts.

   To assign a hot key combination to an element, select it in the tree, then go to the Hotkey input field and press the key combination that you want on the keyboard (i.e. <Ctrl+Shift+C>). If the combination has been successfully assigned, you will see it in the tree on the right to the element name. If it is highlighted green, it means that the assigning is fine. Red means that the combination is already used and you should choose another.

   To increase the number of possible combinations and decrease the probability of such conflicts, we added the possibility of using the <Win> key in the combinations. To assign a hot key to an element using the <Win> key, please do the following: select the element in the tree, check the Win option against the Hotkey input field, activate the input field and press the end of the combination on the keyboard (i.e. <Shift+C>). You will see <Win+Shift+C> (see Fig. 1) in the tree on the right of the element.


   We have done all the necessary steps and can move to the final step now.

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