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   So, you have finished configuring. We hope that the three steps did not take much of your time. Now let us move to what you endured this for - we will try it in action.

   We will start with the menu that can be invoked by clicking the icon of PS Hot Launch in the system tray. Look at the result (in your case it can, of course, be different):


   Doesn't it look like the Start menu and the Quick Launch bar all in one? But, these settings belong to you only and no other program can arbitrarily make a mess in the system that you created. Note how easy it is to find your way around the menu thanks to the separators.

   Now we will test the work of the hot keys assigned. Previously we assigned the <Win+Alt+R> combination to the "Root" group. You can assign a combination to any group at your discretion. Use this combination and see the result:


that is you can put your mouse aside and work with PS Hot Launch using hot keys only.

   After you finish the introductory course we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the "Configuration" and "Options" sections, where you can find more information on tuning PS Hot Launch.

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