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You can specify additional settings in the Options window.

Fig. 1

Checking the "Run with Windows" box will enable or disable running PS Hot Launch automatically when Windows starts.

Checking the "PopUp Menu On Mouse Hover" box will make the taskbar tray menu appear when you point your mouse there and hold it for the time specified in the "Interval" field (in ms).

Checking the "Show Hot keys" box will let you see the corresponding hot keys on the right of the element names.

The "Show Tray Menu On Click..." radio buttons let you specify which mouse button should be used to call the taskbar tray menu. The way you call the Configuration window will also change: when "Left mouse button" is checked, you use double right-click, and vice versa, when "Right mouse button" is checked, you double-click the tray icon with the left mouse button.

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