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   The first thing that you should do is to think through the structure of the groups, which will form the basis of your menu. The groups that you will create at this stage should provide the maximum comfort during subsequent use, since their main purpose is logical grouping of commands. You do not have to form a full command hierarchy instantly, as you can do that at any time suitable for you.

   We will consider creating of groups using quite a general example.

   To form our own configuration, we will create the following groups: Games, Internet, Multimedia, Tools, Favorites, Office and Bookmarks. You do not have to replicate the structure. This structure is given as a simple example to help you understand the idea of the process.

   So, let us create our first group "Games":
- call the drop-down menu for adding of elements by clicking the arrow in the right part of the button,
- choose the "Add Group" menu item (you can also do the same by pressing the <Ctrl+G> hot key),
- enter the name for the newly created group.


   Repeat the steps for each group. The result can be seen in Fig. 2.


   Note the time we spent and you will see that this 'difficult' operation takes reasonable time (we will wisely exclude your thoughts about the groups that you will need).

Now we have all the necessary groups and we will fill them with commands at the next step.

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